Hexagon Raufoss provides the safest, lightest and easiest to maintain CNG bus systems in the World


Optimized range – up to 700km

  • from 750 l to 2080 l can be installed (in longitudinal or transveral arrangement) on a single frame
  • up to 1900 L with just 5 cylinders (longitudinal arrangement)
  • usage of the longitudinal cylinders guarantee cost reduction for valves and pipes up to 50%


Highest safety

  • no internal/external corrosion
  • high burst ratio
  • unachievable by any other cylinders impact resistance - even with concrete obstacles
  • technology proven and commercially successfull in very cold Norway, Sweden, Siberia as well in hot Americas, Middle East and Australia


Better Economy 

  • 70% reduced weight vs. steel ensures less maintenance = less downtime
  • lower fuel consumption
  • higher passenger revenues