Welcome to the lightweight revolution !

City and regional buses

Modern CNG/Biogas buses equipped with lightweight Type4 systems, are currently the most efficent, safest and clean diesel (or even hybrids) alternative. They are providing many economical and environmental advantages, such as: 

a) Driving distance allowing for full day operation on one refueling (up to 700km driving distance guaranteed). Even in very hot or cold environment
b) Maximal reduction of the roofmounted system footprint - both for length and height
c) Uncomparable safety during fire or impact with bridges or other obstacles
d) Minimal maintanance due to the usage of non metal liner (visual reinspection only) and non-corrosive fully aluminum frame 
e) Biogas is the only drive providing negative (up to - 146g CO2/km) emissions. Uncomparable even for fully electrical vehicles
For more technical data regarding our bus systems go here 


Garbage, distribution and long haul trucks

For current and tomorrow's challenges related to the land goods distribution. Type 4 cylinders reduce inertia of the vehicles as well as  your Company:
a) Significant increase of the driving distance for any truck application 
b) Compact size of the cylinders and easiness in the assembly (both neck or strap mount)
c) Payload as per standard diesel vehicle. Both for dual-fuel and fully CNG/Biogas drive
d) Fuel, maintenance and congestion charge reduced 
e) Safer than diesel tank
For more technical data regarding our truck cylinders go here