Transport Gas, not steel !

Given a specific transport case (gas volume and distance) the difference in capital expenditure (CAPEX) between steel trailers and TITAN™ and the lower number of required trucks is calculated against the savings in operational expenditure (OPEX) of the TITAN™ vs. steel. Fuel costs, maintenance costs and driver(s) salaries, just to name a few. The graph demonstrates the relation and identifies applications where the TITAN™ provides an excellent rate of return 



Transports up to 220 % more capacity than a conventional steel tube trailer with substantially less weight

  • Saves fuel cost and reduces the impact on environment
  • Allows for tandem operations in several countries due to low module weight
  • Minimizes the amount of trucks needed to pull the fleet and the miles driven requirements to deliver the same amount of gas
  • Reduces the “dead weight” of gas and trailer mass being transported back to mother station
  • Reduces the number of trips between the mother and daughter stations


Moving gas, not steel – the TITAN™ stands for substantial cost reductions in gas transportation and makes bulk hauling operations more

  • Competitive vs. steel solutions and virtual pipelines
  • Safe due to absence of corrosion and fatigue
  • Profitable due to reduction in operational cost 
  • Competitive vs. steel solutions and virtual pipelines