The TITAN™ offers superior transport efficiency for compressed gas distribution.

The 40ft TITAN V MAGNUM with 44.000 l water capacity transports up to 13,250 scm of CNG at 32 metric ton loaded trailer weight.
This compares to a standard type 1 steel tube trailer designed with 20.000 l WC, transporting only 6,000 scm NG at a total trailer weight of 46 metric ton.  
  • High flow during fuelling/defueling due to low pressure drop with large cylinders being connected by short and well dimensioned piping.
  • Convenient to service with all piping and connections located at the back of the module/trailer within easy reach.
  • Easy to drain liquids (eg compressor oil) due to horizontal orientation and integrated dip tubes
  • Safe in fire due to patented pressure relief system securing the complete container
  • No internal and external corrosion issues
  • No Fatigue – free over lifetime saving hydraulic re-inspection cost 


  • Moveable gas transportation units up to 44.000 l WC in single operation or up to 88.000 l WC in tandem operation
  • 250 bar service pressure
  • 30` and 40` ISO container modules and trailers
  • Horizontal arrangement of 4 or 5 large type 4 tubes with each up to 8500 l WC
  • Certified to ISO 11439, ABS and US DOT
  • For transport of CNG, hydrogen, helium and other non-oxidizing gases