Modularity and flexibility in delivery

Hexagon Raufoss offers CNG transport modules built with type 4 cylinders. The unique design is based on long experience achieved with successful supply to international gas transportation industry. Units are designed as standard ISO Containers - providing exceptional easiness in the logistics operations based on the standard trucks and trailers.

Cylinders in our SMARTSTORE™ containers are mounted horizontally. This design feature provides significant advantages (even against other Type 4 trailers):

  • The cylinder connections are at the front and back of the units - maintenance can be applied from the ground floor
  • Cylinders are fixed at the piped side and expand to the dead end - no stresses due to the cylinders expansion are transferred to the pipes. No leakages

SMARTSTORE™ provides:

  • Lowest weight in the market
  • Modules can be operated fixed on 10-50 ft trailers or in 20 ft SWAP operation
  • Our cylinder design technically does not require hydraulic reinspection
  • Designed  lifetime of 30 years  even with operation in adverse climatic conditions due to corrosion free composite cylinder design
  • Units are certified to ISO 11439 or ADR/TPED 
  • 10 to 50 feet high cube container module(s) are suitable for service pressure from 250 to 700 bar of gasses
  • Units are designed and homologated for transportation of  CNG, hydrogen, helium and other non-oxidizing gases


Typical applications:

  • Restricted road load conditions
  • Limited space for storage at mother or daughter station
  • SWAP and tandem operation
  • Efficient supply of gas to several or low volume consumers in one trip
  • Mobile refueling stations for onsite refueling of NGVs in remote or temporary locations increasing market coverage