Biggest composite cylinders in the World. Volume unmatched by any other solution

The challenge

Traditional bulk hauling for transport of compressed gases employs heavy steel cylinders or tubes. The increased demand for gas and a focus on cost, efficiency and safety today requires larger payloads of gas transported per unit.This target can only be achieved by substantially reducing the weight of storage. Also, corrosion issues play a significant role in a modern safety concept for gas distribution. The costs related to hydraulic retesting are significant and critically important if using steel cylinders or tubes due to this corrosion risk.

The composite solution – move gas, not steel

For every 1kg of natural gas being transported, steel trailers require abt. 6 to 7 kg of steel cylinder weight. With a fully composite TITAN™ every 1kg of gas is transported with only 1.3 kg of composite cylinder weight. The polymer liner and carbon composite structure of TITAN™ performs without the corrosion and fatigue risks associated with steel. Thus hydraulic retesting is not required over the lifetime of use with TITAN™. 

Composite type 4 cylinder technology delivers:
  • Increases payload to more than 85% of the vessel weight
  • Reduces fuel cost over 60% versus steel
  • The polymeric liner containing the gas and the carbon fiber composite reinforcement of the tank are resistant against corrosion, chemicals and fatigue.
Our Gas Transportation Portfolio provides solution for the efficient transportation of: 

  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
  • Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen
  • Helium 

HEXAGON RAUFOSS relies on product technology that has been in commercial production for 20 years. Our products stand for proven durability, reliability and safety with over 200.000 type 4 cylinders operating in public transport, heavy and light duty vehicles and gas distribution around the globe. HEXAGON RAUFOSS offers two modular solutions for gas transportation tasks:

SMARSTORE™ is used mainly in:

  • Restricted road load conditions
  • Limited space for storage at mother or daughter station
  • SWAP and tandem operation
  • Efficient supply of gas to several or low volume consumers in one trip
  • Mobile refueling stations for onsite refueling of NGVS from the trailer

TITAN™  is used mainly in:

  • Large gas volume supply chains
  • High defueling rate operations
  • Always when facing long distance supply of compressed gasses