Global Presence

Hexagon Raufoss (together with Hexagon Lincoln) is the market leader within complete composite storage and transportation systems. The business unit includes fuel cylinders for passenger vehicles, buses and heavy vehicles as well as transport and storage cylinders (natural gas and hydrogen).


We are operating one of the world's most advanced facilities for designing, testing and manufacturing composite type 4 pressure vessels and complete systems.

We have broadened our services to include products for the automotive, transit, industrial and oil & gas exploration industries. Our products highlight our expertise in innovative technology, versatile production and cost effectiveness. Our core business area is high pressure gas containment for products such as natural gas and hydrogen vehicle fuel tanks, bulk gas transportation modules, fuel storage systems and accumulators. 
High pressure products from Hexagon Raufoss and Lincoln are commercially successfully used in many locations all over the World. That includes



Middle East


South-East Asia



We are proudly  introducing our technology meeting any enviromental challenges and providing always significant savings for the final user.
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