Hexagon Raufoss develops and supplies high pressure gas storage systems for vehicles and gas distribution. Key components are lightweight composite cylinders. Raufoss is a 100% subsidiary of Hexagon Composites ASA. In close cooperation with our affiliated companies Hexagon Ragasco in Norway and Hexagon Lincoln in the US, our group has become a worldwide leader in manufacturing and supply of lightweight pressurized gas storage for city buses, trucks, passenger cars and gas transportation.
Compressed natural gas (CNG), bio methane and hydrogen represent the major alternative to fossil fuels in the transport sector within the near future. Our products are providing many advantages for the users. The most significant from them are:



The high-pressure cylinders weigh up to 70% less than steel cylinders. This is extremely important for the vehicle's stability, among other things.


Corrosion and fatigue resistant

The cylinders do not rust, nor usceptible for fatigue factor - something that is of crucial importance to the useful life and safety.


Improved fuel economy

Lower combined weight and greater storage capacity give better fuel economy.


Operational efficiency

Greater economic efficiency through less maintenance and lowerfuel consumption.


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