Why Type 4 cylinder is the golden child of the commercial usage of composites ?

Composites consist of fibre reinforcements in glass and/or carbon and a hardening plastic material (resin).

Composites are distinguished by their combination of light weight, high level of strength and the fact that they are not susceptible to corrosion. Composite cylinders are lighter than steel cylinders. Large wind turbine blades could not be produced without the use of composites.

Hexagon Composites' light-weight solutions comply with strict environmental and safety requirements. The high demand demonstrates that our products and solutions cover the requirements in a cost-effective manner.



Our Patented Cylinders have been present on the market since 1993, however our Company's composite background is going back up to 1963 !

Today's product is a result of many years  of constant developing and quest for more efficient usage of the composites in a commercial World. The distinguish advantages delivered with our high pressure cylinders:

  • Weight savings of up to 70% over steel cylinders
  • Lighter weight than metal lined tanks (Type2 or Type3)
  • Excellent fill efficiency - same as for metal lined cylinders
  • Service life of 20-30 years with superior fatigue life
  • 100% corrosion resistant over cylinder lifetime
  • Backed by proven technology and in-house engineering expertise
  • Manufacturing flexibility to reduce lead time and provide requested cylinder size or volume
  • Meets or exceeds all current standards
  • Strap or boss mounting flexibility
  • Lowers vehicle maintenance and operating costs
  • Proven field service